5 Ways to Stay Active In Winter

If you’re like me, you’re not a cold weather person and need some motivation to get off the couch and away from binge-watching your latest obsession on Netflix. So here are 5 simple things you can do to stay active through the harsh winter months.

1- Walk the dog. Okay, so this one is kind-of a cop-out. It may seem super obvious and you may be thinking “Of course I walk my dog. They have to go out.” But hear me out- for how long do you really walk the dog in cold weather? Five minutes? Just until the dog… takes care of business? Bundle up and stay out walking for five or ten minutes longer. Your pupper will thank you for it!

2- Walk the kids. Up here in New Jersey we have snow days a few times a year, and there’s still even more snow on weekends. Many kids love playing in the snow, laying in the snow, and staying in the snow. So take them sledding! Build a snowman. Hide in an igloo! If you don’t have kids, pretend you are one! (I personally don’t have any kids right now, but I love doing “snowga!”)

3- Shovel. This one is pretty self-explanatory if you’ve ever tried to move snow from one place to another— that stuff is heavy and it’s a super workout to clear a path or driveway or dig out your car from under a not-so-fluffy, white mountain.

4- Join an online fitness challenge. Especially in January, when everyone is super into their New Year’s Resolutions, there are a million fitness (and Yoga) challenges posted online. It is so easy to join one, print one, or just follow along as much as you can. Whether it’s once a day or once a week, the whole idea is to get you moving!

5- Stand up. If none of this applies to you, you don’t like the suggestions, you don’t have time or energy, or you don’t have the space, then maybe this is the one for you! Just stand up. Walk around your office a little bit more than you normally would. My watch reminds me every hour to stand up for at least a minute to count toward my daily goal. If you don’t have a watch that will remind you, then set an alarm on your phone every hour or two. The best part is that you can create any excuse to stand up, even at work. Go get some water. Go use the restroom. Go talk to a coworker about a project instead of emailing them from across the room. This one couldn’t be more simple. Just stand up.


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