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Have a Quiet Night

If you’ve ever been a first-responder, or have one close to you in your life, you know that swearing is a very normal way of talking around headquarters. Nobody ever really cares how vulgar the language can become, but “Quiet,” or “The Q word,” is just about the worst curse-word you can possibly say about a shift.

Saying “Today seems quiet,” or “I hope you have a quiet night,” will automatically guarantee an intensely busy day of non-stop madness.

I’m sure you’re all ready to ship me off to the loony-bin, whacky-shack, nut-hut or whatever variation of these you subscribe to for bringing to light the superstition of most first-responders, but hear me out.

First- responders are EXTREMELY superstitious when it comes to our shifts. Seriously. Even just one simple word can make our whole shift go up in flames, if you buy into this superstition.

So think of the impact that a lot of words can have. If you believe that one word can have such a huge impact on your own day, just think about how many things you say that could have an impact on a day, whether it’s your own, or someone else’s.

BAM- words of wisdom.


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