6 Reasons Why You Should Do Yoga Right Now

  1. You ate way too much for lunch and need to detox (for about 60 minutes before going out for a large macchiato on your way to dinner with the girls where you’ll eat an enormous veggie burger and enough french fries to stock a McDonalds franchise for the week)
  2. You just had 75 of your “closest” relatives over for the holidays and need to thank the universe that they finally left
  3. You’re stressing about that big assignment/project/exam coming up and want to procrastinate so hard, and you can totally justify putting off your work with yoga because it’s totally healthy…. right?
  4. Your back is tight, your shoulder hurts, your knee is wonky, your hip is uncomfortable, your neck is kinked,… have I missed any?
  5. You haven’t been sleeping well because the weight of the world is on your shoulders and, let’s be honest, you’d only go for the savasana at the end because it’s basically a grown up nap time
  6. You’re currently sitting at your computer googling photos of “yoga inspiration”— get off your lazy butt and go inspire yourself instead of googling it.



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